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Notice to all participants: Most programs allow the participants up to (12) twelve months starting from the official end date to complete any Special Program. Completed books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.

Our appreciation goes to all Committee Members of the Special Programs for the hard work in implementing and maintaining the programs as well as the financial contributions made to AVA as a result of each of the Special Programs.

A-MAZE-ing Labyrinths A-MAZE-ing Labyrinths
Program runs January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2026. Redeem completed books by December 31, 2027. A-MAZE-ING LABYRINTHS is a play on words: labyrinths are not mazes. Labyrinths are unicursal, meaning one walks in and out on the same path. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness. The meditative properties of walking a labyrinth may help one to self-reflect, offer quieting of the mind & spirit, enhance creativity and reduce stress. Labyrinths are indeed a-MAZE-ing! This special program offers opportunities for meditative moments by walking labyrinths. (You don't have to walk the labyrinths, but we recommend you do so.) An event must go by a labyrinth (or a maze) to qualify. Complete 14 events with 14 different qualifiers to receive an embroidered patch of a classic unicursal labyrinth. A qualifier shall only be used once per year, but may be repeated in a different year. If an event has more than one qualifier, it may be stamped again, if paid for and walked a separate time for each qualifier. Labyrinths may be found on the following locator website. However, SP qualifiers are not required to be listed on this locator and not all labyrinths on this locator are found on AVA event routes. https://labyrinthlocator.com/locate-a-labyrinth. For general information on labyrinths these websites are a good start: https://labyrinthsociety.org/ and https://www.verywellfit.com/walking-the-labyrinth-3435825 There are also several YouTube videos on labyrinth walking.
Sponsor information, book cost, and book ordering information to be posted soon.

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