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Once you feel comfortable with our events and organization, we invite you to join as an AVA club member (local membership) and/or become an AVA Associate member (national membership), either Lifetime, Individual or Friends/Family membership.


Following are two testimonials endorsing the Associate - level membership. These were featured in past editions of The American Wanderer newspaper.


"The most personal and conversely the most public gift an individual can make to the AVA is to become a Lifetime Member. Giving a gift is a very personal thing. In most circumstances the giver should be as satisfied as the receiver. As a devotee to America’s healthiest lifetime sport, applying for a Lifetime Membership in the AVA should make you happy just by realizing that you have helped the organization with a gift that will return the interest many times over literally and figuratively......."
Pat Gray


"I have just received my family membership packet as a new member of the Associate Membership program. This has got to be one of the better programs the AVA has started since out first event. The packet that has been put together is well worth the money that we paid for our annual membership. The value of the American Wanderer alone is worth the $25 dollars. It was good to know that part of the funds raised from our membership will be used to further our sport. The economic picture for America is far from being great and if we expect to grow as a sport, we must all do our part. Just being a participant is not the answer......."
The Hamner Family


The national program was not meant to replace the club system. Club membership offers benefits of its own, geared to members in certain areas to include newsletters that list local events and items of interest and scheduled social activities.




Associate Membership Benefits


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Associate Membership Application Form

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