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AVA Club Forms

In most cases you may complete a form by using the computer keyboard. The form can be saved as a document file and attached to an e-mail for forwarding. Also, you may print a copy of the completed form and mail it or fax it. For forms that must be signed, simply fill/save/print and then sign the form for mailing. It may be scanned for e-mailing or faxed. We want to make all AVA forms interactive, up-to-date and user friendly for all clubs.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail: AVA Webmaster. Thank you. The forms are in "pdf" format and will require that "Adobe Acrobat Reader" be installed on your computer to use them.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free here. You may open these forms, then print the form.

Other forms are either sent at the appropriate time, or do not apply to clubs. Some forms that Regional Directors and National Officers use, such as the Event Sanctioning Request Fund Raising Form 402SE are not listed in this area. They can be found in the Board of Directors Handbook.

Form Number



2020 World Walk Day Certificate Pre-Order Form 2020 World Walk Day Certificate Pre-Order Form
All orders must be received by Midnight April 5, 2020.
Sanctioned traditional walks & guided YRE walks from May 2-10 2020 Sanctioned traditional events will automatically have a WWD slug sent. Send in one form per event for certificates.
November 2020
Certificate of Liability Insurance

Certificate of Liability Insurance
The general Certificate of Liability Insurance provided to clubs for their events.

2024 Start Point Book Pre-Order Form 2021 Start Point Book Pre-Order
Pre-Orde deadline no later than midnight September 30
(Deadline necessary for Publisher)
Annual Financial Report
Due after July 1 each year, no later than November 1

President and Secretary must sign form. 
Both pages must be sent to AVA Headquarters.

Fill/Save/Print/Sign, Mail or Scan/Fax or Scan/Email to National Office.
December 2020
Application for Club Membership
New Club Requirement Checklist
Fill/Save/Email Attach
February 2021

Amateur Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability for Events
July 2022
This form is to be completed by a parent or guardian for minors who particapate in any AVA events.
July  2022
Certificate of Insurance Application for Additional Insured
Property owners only along event route, start, registration and finish. No co-sponsors. Used to request an additional insured on a Certificate of Insurance. Cost is $10.00 per certificate if submitted at least 60 days prior to need by date or $15.00 if less than 60 days.
February 2021
Club Deactivation Requirement Checklist Club Deactivation Requirement Checklist
Fill/Save/Email Attach
November 2021
Club Support Form Club Support Form
June 2020

Event Brochure Checklist
Clubs/Region Directors use to evaluate each event brochure before it is printed and distributed.

January 2023

Event Registration Log
To register participants at year Round Events
Save/Email Attach
May 2024
Event Sanction Worksheet
Fill/Save/Email Attach
February 2010

Walk Together Patch Consignment Order Form

Fill/Email Attach
July 2019
Incident Report Form
To report accidents that occurred during a sanctioned event.
Fill/Save/Email Attach 
February  2021
Insert Card Printable Insert Cards July 2020
National Physical Fitness & Sports Month Patch NPFSM Patch - Club Order Form
request 30 days prior to event
Fill/Save/Email Attach
January 2022
National Volkssport Month Patch
NVM Patch - Club Order Form
request 30 days prior to event
Fill/Save/Email Attach
July 2019
Proposed Agenda Item Form Proposed Agenda Item Form
Fill/Save/Email to Regional Director
February 2015
Proposed Bylaws Amendment Form Proposed Bylaws Amendment Form January 2019
Multi-Use Nomination Form for:
*Hall of Fame Nomination
For convention used to make a nomination for the Hall of Fame
*Distinguished Achievement Nomination
For convention used to make a nomination for the Distinguished Achievement Award
*Trailblazer Award Nomination
Used to make a nomination for the Trailblazer Award
*Ted Ballman Memorial Youth Award
Used to make a nomination for the Ted Ballman Memorial Youth Award.
Submit no later than November 1 to Regional Director

Fill/Save/Email Attach
January 2021


Nomination Form for:
*Commendable Service Award
Used to make a nomination for an Individual.
*Meritorious Service Nomination

Used to make a nomination for an Individual with at least 5 years of outstanding service and support to AVA volkssporting.
*Certificate of Appreciation Nomination

Used to make a nomination for any Business or Organization, which has made significant contributions toward the goals of AVA.
Fill/Save/Email Attach
January 2021

Special Program Income Submission Form

Point of Contacts for Special Programs use this form.

April 2013
Special Program Alternate Agreement

Special Program Alternate Agreement

Any club proposing a new program must complete and send with their packet with original signatures. Special Programs Policy 4:05 C.2.

November 2016
TAW The American Wanderer Advertising Packet
Includes Specifications, Rates, Distribution and Agreement.  
Fill/Email and Attach Ad Copy