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Publications, Policies & ProceduresWorking Nov. 2023

The publications herein are living documents and, as such, are subject to change at any time, on the approval of the AVA Board of Directors (BOD). These documents, as published on the AVA website, shall be the final authority in resolving questions and disputes.This manual is maintained by the Operations Policies Committee.

  ♦Governing Documents
  Introduction and History
  Mission, Vision & Value Statements
Certificate of Formation
Privacy Policy
Whistleblower Policy
  Conflict of Interest Policy

  Types & Application For Membership
  State Organizations
  Membership Dues
Status & Standing
IRS Tax Designation

  ♦IVV Guidelines

  ♦IVV Volkssporting Events
IVV Authority & Purpose
Traditional Events
Year-Round & Seasonal Events
International Volkssporting Events
  AVA Special Programs & Club Challenges
  General Rules For Events
  Event Sanctioning
  Event Liability Insurance
  Event Awards
  Event Information
  After Action Reporting
  IVV Certification Stamps
  Functionally Disadvantaged Participants
  IVV Achievement Awards Program

  ♦Trailmaster Guide & Certification Examination

  ♦Club Operations Guide

  ♦Risk Management Guidelines

  ♦Recognition Awards

  ♦ AVA Community Events
General Guidelines
Youth Community Events
Private Community Events
Traditional Community Events
  Weekday Guided Community Events

  ♦ Club Development & Support
Authority & Purpose
  Club Development
Club Support

  ♦Board of Directors Handbook

  ♦Publications & Communications

  ♦Commercial Sponsorship


Appendix A - AVA Club Forms
  Appendix B - AVA Fee Structure
Appendix C - AVA Due Dates
Appendix D - State Organization Policy