The Club Publicity Toolkit was created by AVA headquarters to provide a one-stop shopping resource center to assist  local member clubs with their grassroots efforts to generate publicity.

This kit provides many easy to use tools to include: introductory information and “how to” tutorials on social media, background information fact sheets, fill-in-the-blank press releases and Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

Additionally, you will find a choice of several promotional brochures available to clubs free of charge from AVA national headquarters, and a speaker script with PowerPoint slides and embedded video to support your community speaker program. 

We hope this kit will allow you to challenge yourself with new ideas and learn to communicate them using both traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV, cable) and social media such as websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest and more.

You don’t need a degree in journalism or public relations to generate publicity or to deal with the media. Remember, you are doing them a favor. With today’s 24-hour news cycles, reporters are hungry for information to fill newspaper columns and air time on the broadcast media side. Bloggers are constantly looking for new topics for their sites.

AVA national headquarters can produce the greatest publicity toolkit in existence; however nothing is going to change unless there is ongoing activity at the club level.

All clubs should appoint a publicity chairperson and ensure they are told about the toolkit.

A whole new opportunity for telling your club story has opened up with the emerging social media phenomenon. Suggestions and lessons learned for use of social media to enhance AVA club activities will be captured and placed in your toolkit Resource Library.

No matter how much outside publicity you generate for your event, remember that good publicity begins at home. Every club member is a public relations ambassador for your club. We are not only selling physical activity, but also fun, fitness and friendship. Be friendly, be enthusiastic. And certainly don’t forget WOM—Word of Mouth publicity!

Please understand that this toolkit will never be full. It’s up to you to provide other tools you have used that may have increased club membership, event participation or community exposure.

We trust you will find this no frills compilation of information useful in moving your club forward to greater notoriety and events success. And something that will save you time and effort.

To order AVA brochures, please send email to with number of brochures you need, the name of the brochure, and the address where you would like the brochure delivered. Your comments regarding toolkit contents and suggestions for additions or revisions to this kit are welcomed at
 Please type the word Toolkit in the email subject line. 

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