Starting A New Walking Club


Oregon State Volkssport Club

The requirements for AVA Walking Clubs are in the AVA Policy Manual along with guidelines and rules for sanctioning Volkssport events. AVA event rules and guidelines are good basics to hosting any walking event. 


Go to AVA Club Forms for the New Club  Membership Application Form and Requirement Checklist.


First step:  Contact the AVA Regional Director for your region. They will guide you through the process. State Associations are in: CA, FL, IN, MD, NC, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA and WA. If your new club application falls within a state that has a State Association, approval must be made by the State Association first, then reviewed and approved by the Regional Director.


Second Step: Why do you want to be a club?


Club Listings Do you really want to form your own club, or is there another club in your area already that you could join? 


Why form a club: There is no club in your area.There are few clubs in your area and many weekends there are no scheduled walks. You want to fill a niche that is unfilled by another club in your area: tougher walks, easier walks, weeknight walks, group walks, more social aspects of walking together, etc.


Advantages of forming an AVA club: Only AVA clubs may host sanctioned volkssport events in the USA. A sanctioned event has event liability insurance, which can be difficult or expensive to get otherwise.


Your Traditional events are listed in the bimonthly national newspaper called TAW or The American Wanderer. All events are on the AVA website at no charge.


While you may form a non-AVA club and "just walk together," being part of a larger organization lends your club some status and stability. Your club members will enjoy walking other club AVA sanctioned events, and sanctioned volkssport events around the world.


AVA clubs and IVV member organizations around the world share the IVV Individual Achievement Award Program, so your club members and walkers can chart their walks and earn awards for walks and distance, both at your events and at events around the USA and the world.

AVA clubs may apply for tax exempt status under the AVA's 501(c)(3) group exemption, all AVA clubs must be recognized as a non-profit able to receive tax deductible donations. This exemption can be through the AVA's group exemption, your own club exemption or another group.


AVA clubs vote for AVA officers, Regional Directors and state officers. An AVA club can ask for and expect advice and assistance from other clubs, the state organization, the Regional Director, and of course Headquarters.


The club receives: The American Wanderer, also called the TAW (official national newspaper)
AVA Checkpoint (official national newsletter for clubs), and 20% discount on most AVA Merchandise Store items.


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