Starting Point 2024 Changes


Starting Point changes are no longer maintained in a table.

Instead, for the Year Round or Seasonal Event you are interested in, note the event's stamp number.
The stamp number is found in line beginning with the event's distances and rating in parentheses
after 2022/Y of the event's entry in the Starting Point book.
The stamp number is the four digit number, ####, part of '2024/Y####'.

Enter the event's stamp number in the convenient form provided below,
then click on "Submit" to display the most recent event information on



For example, below is a partial image from the 2021 Starting Point book for the
Athens, Alabama Year Round Walk that shows the line with the event's stamp number
in parentheses after 2021/Y that, in this case, is '1787'.

Clubs should not send emails to the AVA National Office detailing changes to their YRE/SEs in the Starting Point.
Clubs only need update their events in the AVA ESR system using the club event maintenance capability.
Note, any event changes will typically be available for display on within a few minutes
after having been submitted by the sponsoring club.

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