AVA Master Program Youth and Adult Volkssporting Teams

The AVA Master Program is designed for “teams” of at least one adult and one youth able to independently participate in Volkssport walking, biking, skiing or skating events. It’s an excellent way to introduce young people to our sport and to our awards incentives. Teams can consist of families, grandparents and grandchildren, youth groups with their adult leaders or mentoring organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters or Boys and Girls Clubs. Within a 12-month period, teams participate in at least 6 regular or year-round AVA-sanctioned events, logging distance credit.


The Master award consists of a certificate for each team member and medals for the first time through the program. Adults receive an “AVA Master Volkssporter” insignia. Youth insignia reads “AVA Volkssporter.” To encourage repeat participation, numbered star pins are earned each time a team again completes the program. The Master Program is listed on the Girl Scouts of the USA website as one of the Health and Wellness program activities. For registered Girl Scout youths and adults, a special Girl Scout Master Program patch can be received in addition to the medal or pins.


How the AVA Master Program works:
1. An adult on the team acts as the team contact and registers all team members for the program using the AVA Master Program Registration form.
2. The team contact sends the completed registration form, the Release of Liability Assumption of Risk and Photo Liability Release for Minor Participants form and total payment for the desired awards to the American Volkssport Association office.
3. The team contact receives a single logbook in which to record the AVA sanction stamp for regular or year-round events.
4. Team members register together at each event and pay the credit for the logbook stamp ($3.00 per each member on team).
5. The team completes only the distance all members can do together and records that distance in the logbook.
6. The team logbook is stamped when the team completes their event.
7. The team contact returns the logbook to the AVA when the 6 events are completed. The team effort is validated and the previously-purchased awards are then sent to the team contact.
8. Teams may count AVA events they participated in during the 12 months prior to receiving their Master Program logbook by attaching copies of Insert Cards or AVA Record books to the team logbook.
9. In a group it is inevitable that some team members won’t be able to participate in all events together. If you wish, you can use make-up events and place their stamps anywhere space is available in the logbook.
10. Any youth who will be carried, pushed, or ridden in a carry-seat can be included on the team as non-volkssporting youth, earning a certificate only.
11. No refunds. Substitute team members may replace those who have left the team. Inform the AVA when the logbook is sent back so certificates will have the correct name(s).




Registration Form







For more information on the AVA Master Program and awards, visit above links, contact the AVA Youth Coordinator via e-mail at avayouth@ava.org or call AVA headquarters at 210.659.2112.
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