What is a Year-Round or Seasonal Event?


Year Round and Seasonal Events
Unlike Traditional volkssport events limited to one or two days with a set start/finish time, a Year-Round event may be open daily, January through December. A Season event is like a Year-Round event, but is open less than a full calendar year. (Be sure to check dates on seasonal events).


IVV/AVA Sanctions: All events are open to the general public. Anyone who wishes to take part in any of the sanctioned events may do so, as long as they are willing to follow the guidelines governing the event that are set by the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV), the American Volkssport Association (AVA), the sponsoring club, and the civil laws of the city, township, county, and state in which the event takes place.


IVV Awards/Record Books: The stamp for each Year-Round or Seasonal event may be entered in the IVV Event Record Book and in the IVV Distance Record Book as many times as actually completed.  

Event Awards:
Those paying the appropriate registration fee and completing the course will receive an award as described in the event flyer. Those wishing the award and/or IVV credit should remit the amount stated in the event ad.


Credit Only: The CREDIT ONLY heading generally means that the sponsoring club has chosen not to design an award specifically for this event but will offer in its place a selection of one or more awards from previous events. These are known as "B" awards. Anyone may walk a "CREDIT ONLY' event for credit, free or a "B" award (when available). All of the sanctioned events are open to anyone who is physically able to participate in all or part of the event. Please pay close attention to the exact registration location, as year-round/seasonal events may not have an attendant to assist with registration. Please be patient with the start location personnel.


Procedures: At the event start, EACH participant must register in the log book, sign the waiver, and obtain a start card which must be filled out completely. This card must be carried during the event and personally presented at the checkpoint(s) along the route. Participants missing a checkpoint(s) may be refused an award or IVV credit. (All cards remain the property of the sponsoring club and must be turned in at the completion of the event).


Hatpins: Some clubs will provide an optional commemorative pin. Hatpins are not part of IVV/AVA sanctioning and may be purchased without taking part in the event. See each event ad for availability and prices.


Disclaimer: The sponsors are not liable for accidents, thefts, and/or material damage. Every effort will be made to make this a safe, enjoyable, and memorable event. PARTICIPANTS MUST SlGN A DISCLAIMER Form (Start Card). A RESPONSIBLE ADULT MUST SIGN FOR A MINOR, THIS INCLUDES INFANTS. Stipulations: With registration for these events, the participant accepts the guidelines of the AVA and agrees to observe the principles of good sportsmanship and safety. Every participant must adhere to the directions of the control personnel. Children 12 & under must be accompanied at all times on the trail by an adult. Littering is not permitted. Check with each event ad to determine whether or not the route is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. Call the Point of Contact person for further information regarding specific needs/concerns that may not be addressed in the event ad.


Refreshments: Water/restrooms might be available at the start/finish. Other refreshments may be available along the way at restaurants or stores.


Pets: When pets are allowed at an event, owners are responsible for leash and clean up laws. Pets CANNOT be in buildings, especially hospitals and restaurants!!


Information: For information concerning a particular event, see the event notice and contact the event information numbers listed there.


NOTE: Many year-round/seasonal events require a writing instrument and exact change for fees. Paying with a check is preferred.


Precautions: (Please be aware that weather conditions will cause a variance in the trail rating. Inclement weather or an unexpected hot or cold day can increase the degree of difficulty of a trail as much as one or two full points, so each participant should adjust their pace accordingly). It is advisable to carry water to all walking events. It is possible to become dehydrated in cold weather as well as in hot weather. It is always the goal in the AVA to provide the participant with a safe and enjoyable event. You alone know your own limits.
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